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dvice is an interesting thing. You find it everywhere nowadays: in quotes, posters, talks, and of course when you’re with your friends and family. You often give or seek advice when you find yourself in a difficult situation. When you don’t quite know what the right thing to do is. Naturally, the person sharing the advice is basing it on their own unique experiences, but there are two types of people when it comes to giving it:

1. People who give advice and have clearly followed it themselves

2. People who give advice, but clearly do not follow it at all

Everyone has probably been both of these at some point in their lives and hopefully the first more often than the second.

The funny things about advice is that those receiving it, often don’t take the advice anyways. They may consider it and it may have some sway in their final decision, but it’s not as useful as we think.

The truth is, we primarily learn through our experiences or rather our mistakes. So until we experience the results of specific decisions ourselves, we don’t learn and we probably don’t take said advice. We discover our own path through our choices.

It makes you wonder, just how valuable advice really is.

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