Early Birds vs. Night Owls


ve always wondered which was truly better. I’m definitely a night owl myself, but as the video points out, society revolves around the early bird, which means I’ve bounced between the two more often than not. Being awake at the early or late hours both give me a sort of peace, which is also when I feel the most productive. The rest of the world is still in a slumber and I’m alone with my work.

Unfortunately, I hate waking up early. Just that process of actually getting my eyes open is a challenge. So nights it is for me and despite the social challenges of work hours or the physical hurdles like social fatigue, it’s simply how I operate best.

In the end, it’s good to know there isn’t really much difference between one or the other.

Also, just a shout out to ASAPScience for another great video and if you’re a fan, be sure to check out their new book!

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