Increasing Productivity vs. Working

Increasing Productivity vs. Working


e always hear about the latest app, strategy, shortcut or tool that will enhance our productivity and make us an unstoppable force. Sometimes we end up focusing on finding all the little tips and tricks, rather than doing the actual work required to reach our goals.

Planning without creating is of no value. Frequently setting up new tools isn’t useful if you don’t actually use them. Making millions lists is of no benefit if you never cross anything off of them. Having tools that help you accomplish your goals is great, but don’t get sucked into trying more and new tools even after you find a system that works for you.

More importantly, it’s not the shiny new tools that will make you successful: the checklists, the note taking app, the timers, the extensions, and so on. It’s simply the act of setting a clear goal and then having the discipline to achieve it. Quite the revelation, I know, but toughing it out, and forcing yourself to do the work is what will make you more productive. There are no shortcuts around doing the work. So make sure you don’t fall into the trap of dawdling over how you’re going to do something, instead of actually doing it.

And the next time you come across these all too familiar headlines:

10 Apps To Enhance Your Productivity

How To Hack Your Routine To Maximize Your Day

The Number One Way To Overcome Procrastination

Try to ignore them and remember that tools can be helpful, but more importantly your mindset will allow you to reach your goals.

Stop preparing for the work and start doing it.

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