Tigers, Sheep, and Negativity

Tigers, Sheep, and Negativity


ou’ll always find those that say no. You can’t do it, you’re wasting your time, your idea is stupid. This can be detrimental to those who actually try to create in the world, but you must quickly realize something if you hope to succeed.

A creator is a tiger, someone who gives and contributes to society in the best way they know how. Everyone can create in some way.

The naysayers are sheep, they don’t understand why anyone would create, what it means, where it can take you and the value you gain from it.

If the tiger doesn’t learn to ignore the sheep, he will fail. The tiger will falter in his confidence, his beliefs and ideals. He will lose his passion and suffer and eventually, he too will become a sheep, full of negative energy and pessimism.

But if he can disregard the sheep, he can prosper. Other tigers will support him, inspire him, and he will see his goals realized, not always in success but in lessons and growth and pride.

Be a tiger. Ignore the sheep.

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