The Top 5 Ways To Innovate

The Top 5 Ways To Innovate


ometimes you just are lacking in the creative department, but there are a few simple approaches that can unlock all sorts of ideas. Check out my favorite ways to innovate!

1. Intersect

Combining different ideas, perspectives, cultures, and basically anything and everything, is one of the best ways to come up with unique, original ideas. To learn more about this approach check out The Medici Effect.

2. Observe don’t ASK

We can ask people all day what they want and what their opinions are, but the fact is, what they say and what they do often don’t coincide. As they say, actions speak louder than words, so next time pay attention to what people are doing not what they’re saying.

3. Collaborate

Working on your own can really help you solidify your own thoughts and ideas, but having other people to interact with gives you a fresh perspective. More often than not, it’s these types of collaborations that help you realize the missing piece of the puzzle that was staring you right in the face.

4. Take Notes

We have ideas all the time, in the least likely of situations, and there’s no way to remember all of them. Having the ability to takes notes whenever an “Aha!” moment strikes should not be underestimated. Try carrying a Moleskine to jot down notes or use your smartphone.

5. Change Perspectives

Look at things from a different angle. We usually get stuck viewing things from one perspective – our own. Try to take on different points of view – the customer, the user, the client, stakeholders, etc… role playing from various perspectives gives you insight into hidden value that weren’t so obvious before.

Those are my favorite methods, what are yours?

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