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o what is Net Neutrality exactly? Well, if you haven’t already, PLEASE watch the John Oliver bit from Last Week Tonight (above), where he sums it up perfectly. Now let me try and explain…

Net Neutrality means that there is no discrimination to information online – everything is accessible and free flowing. No one can block certain websites, slow internet speed, or otherwise tamper with your experience online. You can use your internet to browse reddit for hours, watch porn, stream music, binge watch Netflix, etc. In the end, all information is treated equal. Bandwidth is on a level playing field. This is what makes the internet a glorious place.

What cable companies are lobbying for is the ability to control web traffic in their own interest. This has already happened once when Comcast strangled bandwidth for Netflix and forced them to pay a pretty penny.

Source: Washington Post via The Oatmeal

Pretty ridiculous isn’t it? Imagine if the rest of the internet worked this way? Cable companies could charge websites fees to use their data and anyone who didn’t pay would get slower speeds. It just sounds WRONG. Many of us already hate many of these cable providers, mostly because of their crappy internet speeds and shit service (did you try and restart your router sir? ARGHHH).

To really bring this point home, just comparing our average internet speed  vs. the cost, it’s blatantly apparent that cable providers service is a joke.


Now they want to ruin the rest of the internet for us, like their role as service provider wasn’t bad enough. Don’t let this happen. Visit Battle For The Net and help save the internet. Share your opinion, place a call, and make sure the internet stays open, free, and fair for everyone!

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