Everything Is A Remix


lthough it sounds outlandish, the statement Everything is a Remix has so much truth to it. Everything that’s been done has been built on top of someone else’s work or ideas, in one way or another. Originality is essentially dead in the truest sense of the term. In our always connected age, this is even more legitimate, as ideas can spread far and wide as effortlessly as ever.

There’s of course room for improvement, innovation, and creativity when you create your own version of something, but it remains a version of another’s work or a combination of works.

The first part of  the Everything Is a Remix video series is a great look into the idea itself. It explains the origin of remixing, starting in music, and why it is essentially the way everything is created today. The other parts in the 4 part series are linked below, which dive further into the related areas of remix. Enjoy!

Part I: The Song Remains The Same (above)

The introduction and history behind the idea, strongly related to music.

Part 2: Remix Inc.

An exploration into the remix techniques used in film production.

Part 3: The Elements of Creativity

A look at how innovation really happens.

Part 4: System Failure

How our law system is trying to hinder our creativity through patents, copyright, and more.

Also you can check out more about the series and related materials at: http://everythingisaremix.info/

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