Launch 2 Learn


ou can read tons of books, take classes, talk to people and brainstorm as much as you want, but the only real way to truly know anything is by experiencing it.

This is the basis behind Launch 2 Learn (L2L): an approach where you ‘launch’ ideas, businesses, projects or practices in the real world to truly learn about them. Starting anything is how you can determine its value to you, how it works, and what it actually takes to achieve success.

The process is simple. After launching you measure and gather feedback. Based on this information you are able to adapt or adjust accordingly and begin the process again.


Talk is cheap as they say, but by doing you can know, you can learn, and you can grow. There are two invaluable benefits that you gain through this process.

1. Gaining Knowledge

The obvious benefit is the knowledge you get from the real world experiences you have. This should not be taken for granted. Through this type of learning you get better at solving problems, making decisions, managing expectations, and evaluating opportunities. The more you launch the more you’ll learn and the better you’ll get at starting.

2. Overcoming Fear

The primary reason most people don’t actually take action is because they are afraid. Having doubts is common and expected, but the more you get into the habit of launching ideas, the more comfortable you will be with it. By going through this process repeatedly, you’ll be more willing to take calculated risks, you’ll be more confident, and you’ll overcome your fear.

Give it a try. Find something you’ve been wanting to launch and do so on a small scale that can minimize your risk, but still gives you valuable insight. Measure your results, learn from them and adapt or start over.

Simple, yet effective.

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