How To Become A Master

How To Become A Master


recently finished Mastery by Robert Greene, a great book exploring the process of becoming a master.

There are several great biographical stories on the various paths to mastery by some of the greatest figures in history (Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, etc), as well as an in depth guide for reaching mastery. A process that has three key steps.

1. Finding Your Passion

Understanding your inner calling is the first and foremost step towards mastery. Without knowing where you should focus your attention, you have no path forward. Of course this is easier said than done.

2. The Apprenticeship

Upon finding your passion, the next step is to enter into an apprenticeship and learn everything about your field. This is often through a mentor, but can be through various mediums and methods – the key is to gain a complete knowledge of your chosen field, which can take years.

3. Mastery

The final phase is that of the master, but there’s much to do from here. You now have a perspective and foundation that allows you to make connections others are blind to. You often surpass your mentor and enter into a deeply creative phase during which you truly reap the benefits of your mastery.

The book goes into more detail into what mastery is, how to achieve it, and what to do when you get there.

Check out the video below for more from Robert Greene on Mastery.

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