Why You Need Side Projects In Your Life

Why You Need Side Projects In Your Life


would be a sad, bitter man right now if I didn’t have side projects in my life. Here are 5 reasons why side projects can lead you to a happier more fulfilling life.

1. You Hate Your Job

Quite simply, you need a distraction that gives you joy to continue the grind in a job you dread. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for financial stability, but having a side project that brings you joy, makes things much more bearable.

2. Keep Things Exciting

It’s fun to experiment with the unknown and let your curiosity guide you. There’s no better medium for such exploration than side projects, where everything is new & unknown. It’s also the perfect way to learn new things.

3. Connect The Dots

You can boost creativity and problem solving by engaging in side projects that expand your horizons and allow you to see things in different ways. The more knowledge you gain the more ways you can connect the dots that others can’t see.

4. Change Careers

Side projects are also one of the best ways for you to change your career path. They give you the perfect avenue to develop your skill set and build your portfolio. And you never know, your little side project may explode into the next hot startup.

5. You Have Control

Sometimes it’s just nice to be in charge and do what you want to do. No worries, no risks, no permission, no meetings. Just do what you do and see what happens. It’s a freeing exercise that leads you to activities that you truly enjoy.

These are reasons why I’ve always had side projects in my life and why you should too.

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