The One Rule For Having a Successful Career

The One Rule For Having a Successful Career

Careers have changed dramatically over the last decade. There’s no such thing as a lifer or sticking to a single company for the duration of your working life.

I personally believe that’s for the better, because that at least gives you the opportunity to pursue one very important thing: growth.

Growth is the key to career success because it means you are continuously challenging and improving yourself. If you aren’t growing in our current job, something has to change.

Before we go any further, let’s define what growth is exactly.

Growth is getting comfortable at doing the things that make you uncomfortable.

This doesn’t mean that you should be uncomfortable 24/7. That would suck. Rather, you need to feel like you’re learning new things and pushing yourself forward on a regular basis. It’s striking a good balance between what you already know and what you still don’t know.

The key comes down to learning. To turning the uncomfortable into the comfortable. So you all have to ask yourself, how uncomfortable have you been lately?

Are you coasting along without any bumps along the way? Do you know how every day is going to go? Are you bored out of your mind at your current job? If so, then you’re absolutely not growing, which means it’s time for a change.

In this scenario you have two choices.

1. Change your current role

The first and most obvious move, is to change your current role into something more challenging. This can be done in a number of ways, from taking on additional responsibilities to moving positions internally.

If you wish to remain at your current company, talk to your manager or superior and see how they can help you. Trust me, this is one of the things they want to hear. Most people are willing to help, if you would only ask. If they aren’t willing to help that may be a sign to move on, in and of itself.

Worse case, you should start pushing yourself independently, by learning new skills or abilities, in addition to your normal workload.

Most importantly, take action, don’t just let day after day pass you by.

2. Find a new job

We all tend to get comfortable at a job after some time. We become familiar with the people, the work, the thinking, and the culture. This is usually a sign that it may be time to move on. That you’re not making any more progress.

Finding a new job can mean a lot of different things. Whether that’s striking out on your own, joining a startup, or going to a competitor, finding that change of scenery is what leads to growth. It comes from new environments, new people, new systems, and new challenges.

If you’re not growing and don’t see a way forward in your current organization, then this option is right for you.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.Benjamin Franklin

It seems simple, but just by striving for growth, you can have the career you’ve always wanted. Growth is learning. It is achievement. It is hard work.

All of this adds up to success. Chase growth and the rest will come.

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