The Best of 2017

Another year has gone by and a lot of words have been written. From exploring new ideas to changing careers, it’s been quite the adventure.

One of the more interesting things I realized this year is a recurring trend in my writing. As I was putting together the top 10, I found that my most popular posts were all about philosophy and life’s bigger questions. How to live it well, how to understand what matters to you, how to control what you can control. It really gets to the depth of understanding yourself and the world around you. Much of my writing before has lived on the surface, exploring hacks and larger ideas, but its clear that we crave the details, the reality, and the understanding that philosophy affords us.

You can be sure I’ll continue to dive deeper into this realm in the new year. For now though,enjoy my top 10 posts for 2017 and get ready for 2018.

Aristotle and the Importance of First Principles

Learn how first principles can help you deconstruct the complex, but also give you guidance in life.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Why are we here? What is it all for? What is our purpose? I try (emphasis on try) to find an answer.

Euthymia: Seneca on Achieving Tranquility

How peace of mind can make all the difference. Learn about euthymia from the Stoic Philosopher Seneca.

Miyamoto Musashi on the Power of the Observing Eye

Experience the story of Miyamoto Musashi and how a personal philosophy led him to become one of the greatest swordsmen in Japanese history.

The Practice of Enso: A Simple Reminder About Perfection

How a simple mark can give you the freedom to create without worry.

Why Generalists Need To Be Masters

What’s the one way generalists can  make a huge impact? Mastery.

Wu Wei: The Art of Non-Doing

Learn about the concept of Wu Wei and how you can start to do without doing.

5 Whys For Solving Any Problem

Problems are complex and getting to the root cause is even harder. Learn how asking why repeatedly can get you to the answers you need.

Dokkodo: The Path Of Aloneness

What Miyamoto Musashi wanted you to know before he died.

What Are Your First Principles? Lessons For The New Year

A deeper reflection on what matters for the new year.

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.Carl Bard

Hopefully you enjoyed my writing this past year (if not let me know how I can be better) and here’s to an even better 2018! Cheers!